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Okay so I am telling my boss on Monday that I am expecting my second in January. The thing is I am really nervous the nausea is going away as well as the symptoms some days I feel pregnant other days I don?t. I am afraid I will tell him then something will happen and my next appt isn?t till the 10th. I know I am just freaking out over nothing I just need to get over it?..

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Patricia, you're really close to the second trimester, so it makes sense for the nauseus to be letting up. I completely understand. I won't get to hear LOs hb until my 15 week appointment (next one is w/nurse practicioner and she won't listen for it), so I'm hesitant to tell others too. :bigarmhug: Hang in there! The 10th will be here before you know it!

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I agree that being so close to the second trimester could explain why some symptoms are tapering off. Doesn't make it easier to deal with nerves wise but I always remind myself that it's nothing to worry about! As Holly said, the 10th will be here soon! I hope your boss is excited for you. :goodluck:

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I agree with PP! My symptoms are off and on and that makes me nervous too .. Clear your mind of the negativity and just try to relax !!

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My symptoms are off and on too.