Second time around

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Second time around

Wow this pregnancy is showing sooo fast!!! With my first pregnancy I didn't really show till I was about 5 months!! Now at 9 weeks, my regular pants don't fit (way to tight and uncomfortable)... and I have to wear elastic band pants or skirts. I even took out some mat pants and skirts.... OMG!
That's a first for me!

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Yes, it happens so fast after the first! I didn't tell anyone at work until 15 weeks, started maternity clothes at maybe 20 weeks. Right now, I don't see how people can't already be wondering, and I'm only 8 weeks. Doesn't help that it is swimsuit weather, either.

Do you have a bella band? I've never had one before but am thinking about getting one.

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Same here. We have not told our families yet, but my mom had some maternity clothes at home and asked me if she should give them away or hold onto them..

For me it is mostly some stress weight I gained before I was even pregnant (thank you IVF) and bloating since then. Makes me look pregnant as it seems all belly.

I have been thinking about a bella band, but it seems to hot in Texas for something like that... I have heard they are hot.

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I too have been amazed at how much faster I'm showing this time around. This is technically my third pregnancy but holy cow! I remember feeling "huge" with DD around 3 months but looking back at pictures I still was tiny and whatever I felt was just bloat. I've felt huge for a while now but around 10 weeks I really "popped" to where wearing jeans is miserable. I like my bella band but sometimes it doesn't do much for me. It's strange how I can't hide it now no matter what I wear. Biggrin

I'm just grateful for the warm weather so I can wear cute skirts and dresses more.

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"neoncandle" wrote:

Same here. We have not told our families yet, but my mom had some maternity clothes at home and asked me if she should give them away or hold onto them..

ROFL That is such a typical Mother round about way of asking if you're pregnant..

To OP- Yeah! Definitely showing quicker with this one. I know people are probably thinking I'm either pregnant or gaining weight. Which I'm actually losing weight, so thank goodness they can't see my scale. Lol We only have about 3 people other than us that know, but I've gotten some interesting questions from friends. Mainly about how "trying" is going for us. Wink I've been saying, "It's going" or something along those lines.

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This is technically my fourth and I'm sort of showing. I gained so much weight with my DS that I'm watching it closely so it's not too bad. I've gained about 2-3 lbs (mostly in my damn bra). My shirts are getting tighter but my pants really aren't. I live in Soffee shorts when I'm not at work so maybe I don't notice so much.

I'm holding off on maternity as long as possible. . once you start, you're stuck!

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I know I feel like I look 20 weeks already. My boss gets back from vacation next week and I will have to tell him because there is no keeping it from him any more.

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This is my 3rd and I feel like I'm showing, but I'm pretty sure it's only because I'm bloated and have been having issues with constipation :-(.

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I feel like I'm showing on some days, and then other days there's nothing there. One of these days I'll wake up and poof! It'll be there constantly. I pulled up my belly pics from my last pregnancy, and by 12 weeks I had a nice size bump already. We haven't told anyone yet, but my son's birthday is fast approaching. I'll be exactly 12 weeks, and don't want to share that news on his special day, but I'm sure it'll be pretty obvious!

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This is my 9th pregnancy, I have 6 kids, and each one of them have been different. My weight ranges from 115-125 normally. I didn't show until very late with my first, which was ironic because I was so anxious to show. With my next 4 I started showing around 11-13 weeks. With my sixth child, I had gotten into better shape and I didn't show until 17 weeks which I loved at that point. My last pregnancy I lost at 20 weeks, which my body never seemed to recover from. So now, even though I'm only 10 w 5 d, I've already started showing at about 6 weeks, which I think is ridiculous, but I'm just hoping that nursing this baby will help me get my body back. I'm just going to enjoy the pregnancy and not stress over it too much!