Sick Baby :(

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Sick Baby :(

Reagan has been so sick this week. She started out with cold symptoms on Tuesday and progressively got worse. She has been so congested and when she coughs she gags on the mucous. We have been sucking her nose out prior to feedings but she ended up not eating for over 24 hours. She took a bottle at 6:30 on Friday morning and didn't eat again until last night at 9:30. I took her to the ER Friday night because I was worried about her and they told me they couldn't do anything for her. She would eat 1/2 an oz and then puke it all up almost instantly.

She finally kept down an oz at 9:30 last night, 2 oz at 3:30, and another 2 oz at 7. I hope we are turning a corner here and she is on the mend. It, needless to say, has been a stressful few days.

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Ugh how awful. I really hope she's over it soon. Is she sleeping with her head elevated at all? I have been trying to have John sleep in his bouncer for a nap or even lean on us for some of his sleep time to keep some of the mucus out of his throat. Cold and flu season needs to be over already. Sad KUP on how she does!

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I've been having her sleep in either her swing or propped up on her boppy between DH and I. There is no way she could sleep laying flat on her back right now. Thankfully, she seems to be on the mend. She is still congested, but her red, puffy eyes are gone, and she's consistantly holding down 2-3 oz w/out getting sick. She's also having more frequent wet diapers. She is also more alert and awake more often, so I think we're good as far as she goes.

Now Cameron is sick. He threw up in the middle of the night, but has been fine since. Hoping it isn't anything major! And I 100% agree. I'm ready for cold and flu season to be over! We've had it all this winter from the flu to influenza and bronchitis. Blech!

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Glad to hear she's getting better, that must have been scary for sure!!
Here Hunter has mono! At 4!!!
And DH and I are sick with a nasty cold... so hoping my daughter will stay clear of all the sickness going around.
KUP on little Reagan...

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Our twins have had a nasty cold for the last 10 days, just as it seems to get better they get symptoms again. My lovely 4 year old has been congested and coughing for the last couple weeks. I think he keeps catching a cold and that it is nothing more serious. No fevers at least and though it interferes with eating it is nothing like what you dealt with in regards to Reagan. Hope health returns to your household soon. I bet you all need more sleep.