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So my son's been sick for a week now with strep throat and fever and a cold on top of that. DH and I are now sick too (coughing up mucus, stuffed up nose and headache).
My question is: can I pass this to Heidi? So scared she's gonna get sick too!!! Hunter is down for a week now and fever is just breaking (no fever since 12 pm)...
So should I worry or babies are immune this young?

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She can def get it, if you are nursing you are passing on antibodies to her but I wouldn't count on just that....just wash hands A LOT make sure Hunter stays away if possible and dont give her kisses close to her nose/mouth. My dd had strep not too long ago, and the baby didn't get strep but she did get the cold dd had along with the strep Sad

Hope it stays away from her!

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Yes I,m nursing... Smile

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We are dealing with illness at our house too. And of course the boys now have a cough. We washed our hands and tried to keep DS away, but that was impossible.

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Yeah we have a cold going around our house too. I am nursing Ciara still got it but it doesn't seem as bad as her brothers.

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Hope you all feel better soon! We have had so many colds in this house all winter... it just keeps going in circles around our house! Right now DD has a cold AND stomach flu... poor thing. And Spencer has a nasty cough so I am taking him in to the clinic tonight to have him checked out.