Sleepy time updates

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Sleepy time updates

Ok, any change up to how your LO sleeps at night/naptime? Do you lay them down while they're still awake? Do you play 'white noise' or music to help? Where does baby sleep? How long is their night time stretch now?

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We are doing great (most days) with sleeping. For naps I lay him down awake and he USUALLY goes right to sleep. Sometimes he needs a little cuddle, but that is usually when he gets overtired and is restless. He naps on and off in the a.m. and then has a long 3 hour nap in the afternoon. Evenings he is awake, but tired, and he usually refuses to nap then, so he ends up getting overtired and is hard to feed before bed. Generally once he's gone to bed (usually around 8pm) he will sleep all or most of the night. I very rarely get up before 4:30am for a feeding. We keep a fan on in his room to keep the noise of DD from waking him. DD still wakes up through the night.. she is and always was a horrible sleeper.

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Well now Carter doesnt sleep completely through the night anymore for some strange reason !!!!!! But its ok ! We dont use a device anymore he just falls asleep by himself

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Reagan is starting to become more predictable with her sleeping. I generally give her her last bottle around 8 (every other night she gets a bath before the bottle). I swaddle her up and then lay her down awake. We use the bedtime lotion and it makes her drowsy and we play a noise machine in the background. She's still in our bed sleeping, but she's finally going to sleep without being held, so we'll try the transition into the crib again in about 4 weeks. I'm waiting until I'm done with school so that if it's a battle, I can survive on a bit less sleep Wink She usually takes 3 naps during the day: one in the morning, a long one in the early afternoon and a cat nap in the early evening.

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Well Carter is starting to sleep less during the day and more at night in his crib .. Since im not working i realize that he goes to sleep later and later and wakes up later as well but when i go back to work that will soon change