So over this cold....

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So over this cold....

I've been battling this cold for nearly 2 weeks and I'm downright miserable. The cold on top of the m/s is AWFUL! I'm to the point that when I cough, I cough up so much phlem/snot that I end up throwing up. I put a call into my OB, but I just want to feel better...or as better as I can be while fighting m/s. Blah...

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I am soo sorry you are sick.....
My son is sick too... coughing and runny nose... hope I don't get it.
Hope you feel better soon.

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I feel your pain, my friend! I haven't been sick for quite as long, but this cold has been kicking my butt! I got on antibiotics, though, and I am starting to feel better. Hope you get some relief and get feeling better soon!

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I am sorry you are not feeling well I hope you get better soon.