sonogram today

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sonogram today

so I had a sonogram today (not sure why it was scheduled) and once again they have changed my dates AGAIN:mad: this is really starting to become irritating and very confusing. The sonographer said the baby measures 13 weeks 5 days which is about two weeks behind what my doctor says and as I check the pregnancy wheel I have it has me concieving about May 9-11 only problem is I didn't DTD then at all. This is so confusing and frustrating and its not cool in my relationship because at the time I found out I was pg we were having major issues so with all these date changes my DBF is starting to wonder and I will NOT tolerate that drama SMH *sigh*

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:bigarmhug: I'm sorry they keep changing the date. I would call your OB and talk to him/her and see why all the constant changing. Hang in there!

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:bigarmhug: I agree with Holly that I'd call the OB and ask for some clarity on having the dates change so often.

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I'm sorry about all the date changes!! Hate that, it was like that with my first pregnancy! Hope your DBF understands and trust you enough to be supportive.

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That would frustrate me to no end.

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I go to a new OB next Monday hopefully I get some clarity

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Every OB has different u/s machines. My first dating ultrasound put me at Jan. 24. . which I KNEW wasn't right, it put my conception date the day AFTER I got a positive test. :confused:

After several ultrasounds, including 3 high-risk ones taken by the highest grade u/s machine, my midwife agreed to change my date back to the original Jan. 17, seeing as how they have ONE u/s saying 1/24 and then SIX saying measurements with the due date of 1/17-1/19. I tried to tell her, baby girl just started off small. My DD was small in her u/s too, where my DS always measured ahead.

My first u/s was also done by a really clueless tech on a super old machine. He tried to do an abdominal u/s when I was 7 weeks along and then told me there was no heartbeat. Of course there isn't, I'm 7 weeks along, use the t/v one!

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Taylor you just made me feel so much better. My DD was and still is small and I'm small myself so maybe that's all it is. Plus the machine she used was super old you cant even see my pictures. I think the machine is generally only used for GYN stuff like ovarian cyst.

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I am sorry they keep changing the date on you!

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How frustrating! I'm sorry they keep changing the date on you! Hopefully things will be better with the new OB!