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Which spelling?

Okay...we finally settled on a name. Thank you for all of your input. DH is pretty pleased as we are going with his favorite choice. I like it, but I'm not as in love with it as he is. It's definately growing on me each day....

Anyway, which spelling do you like better? I have a preference only because it makes more sense to me, but DH doesn't agree :rolleyes: Help again please!

Reagan Mae


Raegan Mae

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I don't know if it's because I'm French but for me the first one is pronounced Ree-gan and the second one Ray-gan so it depends how you want her name to be pronounced.....
I like Raegan more but both are nice.

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I like Reagan better. Pretty name!

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I like the Raegan spelling.

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This is a tough one! I've always seen it spelled Reagan, but I like the Raegan spelling too. Hmm. If it was me, the thing that would push me toward the Reagan spelling (assuming they'd be pronounced the same) is not having to correct people as often. Emma's middle name is Lyn and people always write Lynn or Lynne.

I'm glad you're coming around to the name. I love the first/middle combo!

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We want it pronounced as Ray-gan...and I'm leaning towards the Rae spelling because it is how we spell Lauryn's middle name. DH wants it spelled the other way. I tell you...sometimes that man is such a PITA Lol

Thanks for the input! Keep it coming!!

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Hmm... Well if you spell it Raegan, it will likely be frequently mispelled but it is unique enough that people shouldnt think you misspelled it. So it is up to you. I wouldn't even have given hubby the option. Smile (and i do love him- just keeping it easy)

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I'm okay with misspelled names. Lauryn gets misspelled a lot too! I keep telling him that I should get some say since I'm the one doing all the work. Hopefully he'll come around.

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I like them both! Raegan gives it a more a personal flair (:

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Since Lauryn's name is already "misspelled", I would do Reagan. I think it looks too cutesy IMO to have 2 spelled differently than usual. But I'm biased- I HATE differently spelled names for some reason. . and K names. Don't know why. BUT I love the way you spelled Lauryn because it looks so pretty and not way out there. And Lauryn/Lauren/Loren was my first choice name for baby girl but I got shot down by everyone for it.

Okay, actually it's people that say "My daughter's name is Jesyicah but we pronounce it Amanda." that I hate.

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I like Raegan better because it sounds the way it is spelled. If you use Reagan, it could be pronounced as ree-gan. GL! I think it's cute either way!