Spent some time in L&D yesterday

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Spent some time in L&D yesterday

So all week I have been having some menstral-type cramps off and on. I mentioned it to my OB at my last appt. and she said that I was doing too much, and to just rest when that happens. Well, yesterday I got up in the morning and had cramps and some pink tinged CM. I decided later in the day to have a nap with DD, hoping the cramps would go away. Well, the cramps woke me from my sleep. I got up, went to the bathroom and there was dark red clot like blood. I called DH at work and told him to come home. So once he got home, I left DD with him and headed to labor and delivery. They checked me out and said that the blood wasn't coming from inside the cervix, it was only outside the cervix so they figure I was just doing too much lifting/bending/stairs etc. and broke some blood vessels. So now I am not aloud to have sex, can't pick up my daughter, have to limit my stair climbing etc. She wanted to put me off work for a few weeks, but I have no sick time left so it would be unpaid. UGH. She told me to try going back to work, but if any of this happens again, I can't work. This is my second pregnancy and this is the first time I've ever had any bleeding/cramping, so it really scared the sh!t out of me!

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Wow I am glad everything is okay with the little bean. Try and relax and not over do it. I have noticed this is my second and I am doing a lot more then I would have ever done when I was pregnant with Dylan. I think it is because we have been through this once we think we can do more. IDK....

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Sorry you have to go through that! I just got over the bleeding/cramping/not being able to pick up my daughter thing a couple weeks ago. I know, it's awful. Sad

I'm glad it's OUTSIDE the cervix and the baby is okay, though! That must have been so scary for you!

Please KUP!

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That sounds so scary Amanda! I agree with Mia- seasoned warriors tend to think we've got this down so we know what we're doing. And then BAM- something happens to remind you that every single pregnancy is so different.

Does your house have stairs? Mine does and having to limit that would be terrible- our downstairs bath is broken (ridiculous landlords) and I have to go upstairs 20x a day just to pee!

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I'm sorry Amanda! I had a similar experience (minus the bleeding) the friday of labor day weekend. It is so scary not knowing what's going on when it's still so early on. I hope things taper off soon so you don't have to stop working. Been there, that's a tough transition. Hopefully you'll get some time to relax in soon!

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I'm sorry Amanda! Rest when you can and please KUP!

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Wow that's scary.... please take care and take it easy....

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Hope you are recovering from that stress and taking it easy.


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Sending you relaxation vibes (: I know how scary bleeding can.be. Take it easy and enjoy the forced break!

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Yikes! That is scary, but I'm glad that everything is okay with LO. Try to get as much rest as you can. You're in my thougts!

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oh geesh please be careful