Strange Fetal Movements?

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Strange Fetal Movements?

I feel sort of silly asking this question, but has anyone else experienced fetal movements that just felt totally bizarre? For me it started a couple of weeks ago where it would feel like LO was doing jumping jacks or something where they were moving/stretching both arms and legs while punching/kicking simultaneously. I didn't think much about it at first but now that he's getting more crowded it almost freaks me out. I just remind myself that movement is better then no movement, he's getting bigger and therefore I'm feeling more as he runs out of room, and that he's always looked perfect so I shouldn't worry.

Tell me someone else's LO is throwing them for a loop. Biggrin

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Meeee!!!!! Omggg this boy has been going crazyy during the day when i hardly felt him during the day and this morning he went crazy i guess to tell me that he is hungry or will be late for work lol

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Oh ya... sometimes baby is going crazy in there!!

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Me too. I'll get kicks/punches that I feel from my ribcage to pelvic bone. And I must not be gaining what I think I am because I can normally tell where she is. I didn't think they ran out of room this early but that's definitely how mine feel.

Also, she'll be punching and kicking up a storm to where you can SEE my belly move already- like a big pop,pop,pop coming from my stomach- and the minute DH puts his hand on my belly to feel it, she stops immediately. But I'll poke her and she'll kick back.

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Awwww Taylor !!!! My lo doesnt move for daddy either ! Lol

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Count me in! This baby makes some strange movements and I can't tell what she's doing, but it feels awkward! She doesn't really move when people put their hands on my belly either.

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Neither of the kids have ever been good about moving for an "audience". The only thing that will work well is if DH goes to feel a butt/head when he's pushing it out. I agree that it's crazy how quickly he seems to be running out of room compared to how his sister was. Maybe I just am more aware of it or feel it more this time, but it seems like his so much more squished then his sister was at this stage.

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my little guy is doing that too! i thought i was the only one!

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