Super Stressed....

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Super Stressed....

Only 5 days to go until Reagan is here...and my 2nd DD has influenza. I'm also fighting a cold, which I'm hoping is not strep. I just cannot believe we're going through this right now. I had an appointment with my OB today and he prescribed Tamiflu for me as well, but I about died when I paid for both her and my prescription. No one told me how expensive it was. Here's hoping no one else in the family gets it, and that I get over this cold before Monday. I'm worried they'll change my c/s date if things don't change Sad

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Holly - I totally and completely understand where you are coming from. Only I was quite sick when I had my c/s... after taking the flu shot and tamiflu. Then I was kept on droplet isolation in the hospital and had to wear a mask around my babies. It was a hard hospitalization. The best thing about the whole situation was going home. My boys have had a little congestion now and then, but it may be from reflux more than a virus. I know it is scary. Just know that the fact that you have made it this far in the pregnancy is a good thing. Also, from what I read influenza does not cross the placenta. Your uterus is likely the safest place for the baby. Coughing did make the c/s recovery worse than it had to be but the pain medicine helped control my cough and the pain. I am hoping none of this will apply to you.


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Feell better i hope everything clears up for you both

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Thanks ladies!!!

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Oh I'm sorry you are going through this Holly....
Hope you guys feel better too and the csection goes as plan.

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I'm sorry you're going through this Holly! It is amazing how expensive some prescription medications can be even with insurance. I hope everyone is on the mend ASAP so that everything can go according to plan on Monday!

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I am sorry I hope you all feel better soon!