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Tell me NO!

So my ultrasound is tomorrow and we've been trying to stay team green because really want that surprise and moment of holy cow it's a_____. But its oh so tempting to find out! & if I wanted to hubby wouldn't say no lol ugh Im trying so hard to just not find out especially since we already have one of each and this is most likely our last
Someone tell me no!

Yesterday was my birthday and the day before we got a TON of donor milk for Ro since Pregnancy has killed most of my supply.It fills our deep freeze and we had to put three CVS bags worth in the house freezer! (: I cried she c ried ugh it has to be 2000+oz!!

I'm getting more and more attached to this Pregnancy so I'm very happy about that! I think the us will be the icing on the cake. I'm kinda nervous for it tho. Well that's all the rambling I'll put you ladies through for now!!

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No! I am no help I wanted to be green but dh wants to know so I have in. We are here now waiting for our big u/s.

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I can so sympathize with the battle between team green and finding out. I was open to keeping this one a surprise incase we don't have anymore (we're about 50/50 on that). I'd say stay strong for that wow moment! It's great finding out, but what motivation it will be when it comes to pushing!

How amazing about the donor milk!! It kills me how much milk banks charge, I understand they have a lot of processes they go through, but it's unattainable to so many that need it.

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No don't do it!!!! Lol
I didn't found out with my first (didn't want to). With this one I thought well maybe.... but DH doesn't want to and it's not that important to me so I said ok.
It's fun to hear people guessing and it's soo amazing after all the pushing the hear: it's a _____!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don't do it!

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Don't do it Smile I want to be Team Green so badly but my husband is adamant that we find out. I'm so torn! Stay strong!

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Lurking here Smile

Well, I loved the surprises, but if you think it will help you bond more with baby 3, I think that's amazing and super important!
Can't wait for the update Smile

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Yes, yes, yes....

ROFL I'm teasing you. Wink No!! Don't do it!! It's like opening the gift before Christmas, right? You don't want to spoil the surprise!!

I admire you. I always have to open the gift. I'm horribly impatient. Lol But you want team green, so stick to it!! You'll be so glad you did a few months from now! Smile