There IS a baby in me!

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There IS a baby in me!

I got my doppler and heard my baby moving and its heartbeat it sounds wonderful! nice and fast too! im so excited! Yahoo i was worried i wouldnt hear anything but i did and it was awesome! but i heard it very low in my abdomen near my right hipbone. is that normal for the baby to be so low?

on a side note, i was right about where my baby attached. i felt the pain of implantation on my right side right where i just found my baby.

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That is really exciting!!! I am not sure how low they should be but I am guessing pretty low is normal.

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I heard baby today, too, and s/he was nice and low too. Sounds like your LO is right where s/he should be! Yay!

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Low is normal. I had my 2nd OB appt. last week and the nurse found the heartbeat really low--the more they grow, the higher up they come on your abdomen.

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thanks guys! and congrats holly!

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How awesome that you could hear baby's heartbeat! I think I'd agree with the others....low is normal until your uterus pops out of your pelvis!

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Congrats on finding the hb! Even with my uterus out of my pelvis, baby is still low. Did you rent or buy your doppler?

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Yay!!! How fun is that!

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Horray for hearing baby!! Congratulations!!

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mia i rented. it worked immediately and i was so happy. and now im even more excited to SEE the baby at my 4D ultrasound on sunday. they should be able to tell us the gender. usually they wait till 14 weeks but i will be 13 and 6 so she didnt see a difference. plus my hunny is gone on the date i wanted to go.