thoughts and prayers needed please

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thoughts and prayers needed please

so I just came from my scan of my cerivx but they also decided to measure baby and found that that fat fold on the back of her neck is a little too big and I never got my triple screen blood work so i'm being rushed to get an amnio to test for down syndrome. I'm scared and no one is with me.

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How scary!!! Did they not find markers at your 20 week?

I never did the NT Scan or quad/triple screen bloodwork either. . but I had invasive CVS testing at 11 weeks so I knew her chromosomes weren't positive were Down's. I've also denied all other testing, like cystic fibrosis and all those (I've never tested positive and opted out this time).

Why are they just now noticing this???

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scary I will keep you and your little one in my thoughts I hope everything turns out okay.

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:lurk: It seems odd to me they are telling you there could be a problem based on this measurement at your current gestation. The NT scan is supposed to be performed between 11 and 14 weeks b/c there is a reason the measurements aren't accurate outside of that timeframe. I don't know the specifics as to why but this just sounds off to me. Did you have an anatomy scan already and were there any issues found with that?

I hate they have scared you like this. I hope everything is ok and that they aren't putting you through all this without legitimate reason. :bighug:

ETA: found this with an internet search

Nuchal (pronounced 'new-cal') translucency or 'NT' is a relatively new screening test. It uses ultrasound to visualise and measure a fluid filled sac at the back of the unborn baby's neck during early pregnancy. NT can be done as early as 10 weeks + 3 days of pregnancy, but it is more accurate when performed after 11 weeks + 3 days and before 13 weeks + 6 days. After 14 weeks, the lymph system of the baby develops, making the fluid naturally drain away, meaning the test can no longer be done.

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((HUGS)) Thinking of you! I'm sorry you don't have a support person with you. As Lynn noted, NT scans are very much based on probabilities. I know that's why they do more definitive testing with the amnio, but I hope everything comes out perfect! Sending lots of T&P.

ETA How'd the cervix check go? I'm assuming all was good there?

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Thinking of you....

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I'm so sorry hun :bigarmhug: Will be saying a prayer for you and your little girl tonight!

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Thinking of you Tia! Did you have the amnio yet? How was the cervix?

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:bigarmhug:Thinking of you Tia! I hope everything turns out okay. KUP!