Tired of being sick..

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Tired of being sick..

So I have a cold for almost 2 weeks now and it's getting worse...urgggg... it's the coughing, non stop coughing !!!
I cough so hard it hurts my right side to the point I have to hold my side and bend foward... ouch!!
The nights are worse..can't sleep through the coughing and pain. Went to the pharmacy and pharmacist gave me a syrup but I still cough.... I'm taking a sick day to recuperate tomorrow even though it's Monday... maybe 3 days in a row at home wiill help.
Sorry just needed to vent a bit....

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I am sorry you are not feeling well! It is the worse being pregnant and sick it feels 10 times worse.

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Awww feel better !

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((HUGS)) That sounds brutal! I hope the consecutive days of rest will help you get past your lingering cold. Being sick while you're pregnant is awful.

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I'm sorry you are sick, Vicky! Being sick while pregnant is the worst! Rest up and I hope you feel better soon!

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Vicky - Does your OB know? They might be able to recommend some medicine to help. Having a cold when you are pregnant, especially this late in the game is no joke. Your lung capacity is already reduced.


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I'm sorry you're not feeling well. Hang in there :bigarmhug:

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Vicky, I also wondered if you have tried Vicks on the bottom of your feet??? I know it sounds weird, but it works really well. Double check with your dr, but I'm almost positive Vicks is safe to use.