TMI... anyone else has....

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TMI... anyone else has....

a lot of CM? I have lots of stringy sticky CM.... and I'm starting to have pimples too... oh the joy of being pregnant, Lol

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Oh yes, lots of CM! I think I need to start wearing a liner, I had forgotten how much there was in the 1st trimester!

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It keeps freaking me out. I'm often running to make sure I'm not bleeding. I hear this is normal. Along with all the other random, crazy things that happen to us when we're pregnant.

If it makes you feel any better, I'm breaking out too. Wink And I'm not even going to talk about some gross things going on over here.

But the babies are worth it in the end! Smile

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Yes and yes. Although with the prometrium, I've come to expect CM and all kinds of discharge from the suppositories. I had a breakout a few days ago below my lower lip and across the bottom of my face. I seem to recall last pg that I had to switch to oil based lotions before my skin returned to normal - I may have to try that again.

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I don't have massive amounts, but enough that I still wear a liner. I rush to the bathroom quite a few times a day because I am sure I've started bleeding, but it's only CM. Yuck! And it only gets worse the farther we get Lol

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I run to the bathroom all the time too!! Hate being scared all the time...went to the hairdresser today and she told me she lost her little babe at 11 weeks... how sad....

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Yes loads! I forgot how much there was in pregnancy. I've also been breaking out like crazy. Love those hormones!

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Thank goodness im not the only one because my face smh and yes the cm is good about but the break outs are no joke