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Travel System

I got this over the weekend I am a bit nervous about it. Has anyone heard anything about this system?

BabyTrend.COM - Travel Systems - Jogger - TJ93103 : Expedition ELX Travel System - Windsor

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I don't know anything about that brand but that is a super cute system. I also don't jog so it's a moot point for me. Too many years of smoking. I still have Brandon's stroller from his system which is green. . and I have two convertible seats so technically, I don't need another carseat as both are in good condition and he needs a different one now anyways. . but I'm buying a bucket infant seat.

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I love the colors! I haven't heard anything about that specific system, but a mommy on DD's bb bought a babytrend sit and stand double stroller and really likes it. I have heard they're comparable with Graco for a little bit less money? I hope it works out well for you.

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I, too, don't know anything about that specific system, but I had a Baby Trends Sit-n-Stand and I LOVED it!! I love the colors. Hopefully it will work well for you!

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It looks awesome! That is going to be perfect!


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Wow it looks awesome!!