Trying hard this month... =)

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Trying hard this month... =)

Hi everyone!

I'm Vicky, 33 in June, and I have a son who turned 3 in December. I am married to a wonderful man since 2007. I've been on the fence about TTC but this month we said, lets just do it!!!

So my last period started on April 18th. I have 25 days cycles. So ovulation should be between April 26th to today. Well we did it on the 26th, 27th and 30th. And will try again tonight.... because I won't see DH till Friday night.
So hopefully we will be lucky!!!

Hope to stick here!!!

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Welcome and good luck!!! Smile

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Welcome Vicky! Love your siggy pic. FX for you. :goodluck:

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Nice to see you around again. Good luck, Vicky!

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Good Luck

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Fingers crossed for you Vicky!

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Good luck!!

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Yay good luck Vicky!!!