Tummy Time

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Tummy Time

How often are you doing tummy time with your LO? Do they tolerate it well or do they fuss the whole time?

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We do tummy time a couple times a day. If he's really upset I set him on his tummy and settles down. He LOVES being on his tummy. (which is a nice treat, as DD HATED it) Actually most days he falls asleep during tummy time and ends up napping like that.

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We do it at least once a day if not twice. Reagan seems to enjoy it most of the time. When she starts to fuss then we put her on her back or in the swing.

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We do it once a day she likes it for about 5 min

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Carter likes it!! He "talks" sooo much when he does it !! He rolls over now so i have to watch him!! Hes only 2 months old

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It's nice when they enjoy it. John tolerates it fairly well. A lot of times he will find his hands and suck on them and forget about picking his head up more lol. I am trying to do it 2-3 times a day for at least 5-10 minutes to get him working those muscles.

Tasha - how cool that Carter rolled!!

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not enough ....Heidi doesn't really like or hate it.