Two days of feeling better.....

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Two days of feeling better.....

I'm afraid to hope the ms is leaving me finally, but it's been two whole days, in a row, of feeling better! I thought it was never going to end. I'm due at the end of Jan, so I'm probably one of the last to leave 1st trimester. Is everyone else feeling better yet?

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This past week has been better for me, too! I am relieved that m/s is on it's way out. Glad it is for you too!

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So glad to hear you're feeling better! It makes such a big difference in enjoying pregnancy. I have been feeling better for about 2 weeks and am so thankful that the m/s ended. I am however, still taking a nap most afternoons:(

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I'm so glad you're feeling better! I still have my days...but only recently. I wonder if it's the heat though??? I hope you continue to feel well!

TomandJenPlus10--I still WANT to take a nap everyday, too!

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Yeah the last two weeks I have been feeling a lot better.

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I am so glad you are feeling better! My ms did taper off at the end of the first trimester, but I had a ton of other aches and pains that didn't seem to go away until a week ago. Yay for the second trimester. Biggrin

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Me too, the last few days have been awesome. I am starting to wean myself off my anti-nausea meds. Just in time for my big test next week.

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Good for you!!! I havn't experience any ms with my 2 pregnancies.