u/s and birthday fun

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u/s and birthday fun

We had our anatomy scan on Friday and while we were both hoping for a boy, we are having another girl:) My doctor's appointment isn't until tomorrow but the tech said she saw nothing that she would worry about.

DD2 turned one today! I can't believe that it been a year already! We had a great time opening presents and eating cake for breakfast! We also went to the Pittsburgh Renaissance Faire which was lots of fun.

I would post a few pictures but I can't access my photobucket account at the moment.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Congrats on a little girl!! And happy birthday to your little one!! It's crazy how fast the first year always goes by!

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congrats on the baby girl and the first birthday I cannot wait to see pics!

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Congrats and welcome to team PINK!

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Congrats on another baby girl!!!

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Congrats on another GIRL!!!
And HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY to your LO!