U/S yesterday.

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U/S yesterday.

So I had my midwife apt. on Monday and all was good. Belly measuring 26 weeks but I'm really 28 weeks. BP was good. Scheduled a U/S for the next day since my last U/S showed a low lying placenta (at 18 weeks).
Went to my U/S yesterday and baby is doing fine. Weighing 3 pounds. The U/S tech said I'm measuring 29weeks 2 days and changed my date to Jan. 14th! I'm still going with my first date of Jan. 20th.
Anyways, baby is transverse (head up and my right side (hitting my ribs) back and spine down, bum lower left side and legs up in baby's face! I guess there is plenty of time for baby to be head down....
My placenta is still low... Sad
But the tech and midwife said it's still early so I'll have to have another U/S a couple of weeks before my due date.
Hopefully all will fall into place.

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Sounds great!!! Hope the placenta moves along out of the way. 3 pounds is a great weight.

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Hopefully everything will move into the right places. Sounds like baby is doing awesome!

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How awesome that baby is looking great! I hope your placenta moves out of the way for you.

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hope everything moves up for you. Strange they changed the due date I am interested to see when baby will be born....

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Yay for another peak at your LO....hopefully baby and placenta will change position before due date. KUP!