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Just blew my surprise for my parents Sad they had no idea we were trying and I already have a mother's day card in the mail with a pic of dd in her Big Sister shirt and a pic of the digital test in it.....well my 2 sisters and 1 brother knew we were trying and since I cant seem to keep my mouth shut about it I just HAD to tell I call my brother and he was Skypeing with my parents so they found out accidentally! Ugh!! Oh well they were still surprised and very happy just bummed my surprise happened like that

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Aww, that's a bummer that the surprise didn't happen the way you were hoping. I think it's a cute idea though, and I'm sure they'll still enjoy the pictures when they get them!

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Aw I'm sorry the surprise got ruined but I agree with Holly that I'm sure they'll still love the card and pictures!