ultrasound update and Zofran

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ultrasound update and Zofran

Hi ladies...ultrasound yesterday showed a busy bean at 7 weeks 5 days, due date feb 2, 2013 but my daughter came at 38 weeks so I'll prob go in Jan....I'm still not excited about this surprise my emotions are everywhere...I did get prescribed some Zofran for my horrible nausea but its not working 100%...maybe 75-80%.....Hope you all have a good weekend

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Welcome! I hope the nausea goes away soon for you.

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I'm happy that you've got a healthy bean growing in there. I understand the emotions being everywhere, and I think it's pretty normal at this stage of the pregnancy. Hang in there :bigarmhug:

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Yay for a good ultrasound! A surprise pregnancy is such a whirlwind of emotions. DD was a surprise and it took a while to get used to the idea as I'm normally such a planner (she's taught me so much about going with the flow lol). I'm glad the Zofran is helping. I don't know if I've talked to anyone who it completely took their nausea away, but being able to keep things down is a plus!