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    Hi ladies...been gone for about a week I took aweek off work and don't have a computer at home so heres my update..]

    My princess turned 3 friday yaaayyyy she had a great weekend with 4 parties(can you say brat) but she's super loved

    I had my first ob appt thursday (I was still seeing my GYN) and it was ok she took information and I heard the heartbeat it took them a minute to find it because baby sits so low and balled up. She tried to tell me I was 14 weeks and I told her she was wrong so I went for an ultrasound. Baby was being SO STUBBORN. Wouldn't let them take proper measurements so they only measured the femur and head and baby wouldn't show face or between the legs so its still a surprise although I'm still wishing for a boy.

    Other than that I'm doing ok my hip and legs hurts really bad so I'm having trouble sleeping

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    Sorry that your LO was being so stubburn! What a little stinker, but that's exciting you got an extra peak at your peanut!

    I hear ya on the trouble w/sleeping. I'm not in pain yet, but the constant trips to the bathroom make it hard to get a restful night of sleep. Hopefully you'll be able to get some rest soon!
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