Update on me and belly pics!

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Update on me and belly pics!

Hi girls.... sorry I've not been posting lately. I try to lurk once in a while but life is really hectic lately. Work and Hunter has been keeping me pretty busy.
Pregnancy is doing fine, except for kankles....!! Urg ... hard time walking by the end of my work day.... Anyways here are some pics I took yesterday:

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Sorry life is so crazy right now, but I am glad you found time to give us an update. Live the belly pic you look so cute!

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Sorry to hear things are so chaotic for you Vicky but you look fantastic! Hunter is going to be such a sweet big brother. TFS

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Aww, how sweet! I love the pic of Hunter kissing your belly!

Sorry life has been so crazy lately! Hopefully things will slow dow a bit for you soon, although with the holidays, that may be wishful thinking! Thanks for popping in!

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Hope things are good crazy and not bad crazy! You are both (all three) looking great!