update on me...sorry for delay

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update on me...sorry for delay

Hi ladies. Sorry I haven't been able to respond or update on my amnio from thursday I been having trouble logging on but I have seen all your post, concerns and advice and I want to thank you all. The amnio was done because when I went for my ultrasound to check my cervix length they decided to do measurements too and they checked her neck fold and it had more fat(or whatever). I saw many of you say why didn't they catch this before? Apparently my last 2 ultrasounds they never checked it or at least the findings wasn't in the report. And I never got the tripal screen blood test....Well my sister ended up meeting me at the hospital so I wasn't alone for the amnio. It hurt but the staff kept telling me how amazed they were at how calm I was (I handle pain really well). I got my preliminary results yesterday and they genteic counselor said they came back normal which is a great sign because it means they only counted the required number of chromosomes and no extra (oh and its definitely a girl) but they still have to do a finally finding....umm I think that's everything. Oh and my cervix has shortened some but not enough to require bed rest which is good because we can't afford for me not to work right now..again thanks for all your concern

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I'm glad you weren't alone! My CVS hurt like hell when they did it because they had to go in 3x to get enough placental DNA.

They gave me that same line about their findings, it's basically just their safety net if they're wrong or did it incorrectly in my opinion.

I'm happy everything came out normal and you don't need bedrest! Yay!

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I am glad you were not alone as well. And it is fore sure a girl Smile glad the first findings are all normal and you are off bed rest. Sounds like it was all good news!

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Thanks for the update! I'm glad your sister was able to be with you and that the findings came back normal for the preliminary part of the amnio. It's nice that amnio's can 100% confirm baby's sex. Biggrin I'm so happy you don't have to be on bed rest either!

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Thanks for posting your update. I hope things continue to go well.