update on us :)

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update on us :)

I'm so sad I can't get on here very often Sad still no internet at home so have to get to the library to get on....

had my 2nd appt yesterday and everything looked great....doctor couldn't get a very accurate heartbeat, but that was because baby was moving so much! baby was flapping his arms and flipping over, then he would just chill out with his hands by his face for a second, then start all over again. I love seeing baby at every appointment (it's a small u/s, but I don't care!) Dr. looked for gender, but the u/s screen was too small to tell.

DD has been sick for a week and is finally finally feeling better TG! She had a flu virus of some sort, puking and pooping YUCK. she's done with that but now has a rash looking thing all over her body that the dr said some people get after getting rid of a viral infection. It doesn't hurt her it just looks bad.

can't think of anything else to say! I keep up on facebook more than I do here, so those that aren't my friends on there are welcome to friend me https://www.facebook.com/#!/lesli.shields

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sorry you still don't have internet that would drive me crazy!

Glad the baby is doing well and you got to see it on the u/s that is always the best!

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Hi! Glad to hear baby's going good!!
Hope you get internet soon.

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Glad you had a great appointment! Sorry to hear about your daughter...and the rash sounds awful! Cameron gets that occassionally after he's been sick, and I think it bothers me more than him.

BTW, I added you on FB Smile

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Sucks about the internet but I"m so glad everything is going so well with the new baby! A u/s at every appointment must be awesome!