We have a name

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We have a name

Ciara Paige

It is Italian/Irish and it is pronounced Sierra, it means light.

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I like it! Paige was on our list for this baby. Such a pretty name! I love it when you decide on the name so you can start calling baby by it!

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Great choice!! I love it!

I agree with Lisa. It's nice to settle on a name because then you can call LO by it. I've started calling LO by its name so I hope the tech wasn't wrong...hehe!

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Beautiful I love it! I especially like the spelling too. I've seen Ciara spelled a few different ways but this is my favorite. I wouldn't have thought to put Ciara and Paige together but it flows beautifully.

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I like it! I like the spelling too.

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Lovely name!!

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Yay it's fun to have a name picked out.