What brand of pregnancy tests?

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What brand of pregnancy tests?

I have been using First Response Early Result. Today, I am 9dpo and have got negatives. I hope I am not out for this month, but I am losing hope. My question is.... Between first response early response and clear blue, which one is better? I would prefer the one that gives the most accurate results earliest. Does Clear Blue give a lot of false positives? I have heard blue dye tests are not as accurate. But then I read that first response sometimes do not yield a positive test until days after a missed period. What is the best test to use?

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i used first response early response and answer and until 10dpo i didnt get a positive. but when i got it they were faint so i took 3 more and they were all positive. the first test i tried was clear blue digital tho it gave me a false negative. i think it just depends on the HCG and hormone levels. you shouldnt lose hope, just give it another few days and try again.

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I didn't get a positive on FRER until I was about 13dpo....all negatives until then and i'm a POAS addict so i was testing daily :)....Sooo you are not out this month yet!!!

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I agree with pps! Wait a couple of days !! Best of luck

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"MrsV2B" wrote:

I agree with pps! Wait a couple of days !! Best of luck

This! I know it feels like an eternity to wait, but where as everyone is different as far as when the egg implants and everything else, it's best to wait a couple of days. :gooduck: Remember, it's not over until AF shows!

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I didn't get a bfp until 2 days after AF was due! I used frer and clearblue and got bfn....my first pos was with Answer brand