When to tell my new job...

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When to tell my new job...

So, I am starting a new job in September. It is a job they are literally moving us up for, and they have been looking for someone for a long time. Obviously, I will not be due FMLA yet. I am hoping my insurance will allow pregnancy to not be a pre-existing condition. I am taking two months off of work this summer and keeping my cobra, but that will be awfully expensive if I have to keep it through Dec-Jan when I have our baby. The real question is when to tell the new job. Should I tell them before I start, after I start... and if before I start, what week of my pregnancy should I do it?

We have been trying for over two years to have this child, and we are thrilled...

P.S. I am the primary breadwinner and we are planning on DH becoming a SAHD.

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I was going to wait till after my first trimester to tell my work which would be the end of June, but because you are not starting work till September I would just wait to tell them till after you start. As far as your insurance goes as long as you do not have a laps in insurance (a period of time you don?t have insurance) pre exciting conditions should not apply you would just have to show proof of prior coverage.

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I, too, am waiting to tell work until the second trimester. I'm a teacher, and I'll be showing when school starts again, but we are getting a new administrator and no one has his contact information yet. If so, I'd probably tell him before going back since I'll be close to 16 weeks when I go back to school. Go with what your gut tells you, but you'd probably be okay to wait until September.

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I'm sure that is a hard decision for you and your family........Congrats on your:preggo:................ :goodluck:on whatever you decide.