When will you start telling people??

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When will you start telling people??

Just curious when everyone will start to tell people about their pregnancy?! Will you wait til after the first trimester? When I was preg. with DD we told people right away. This time we agreed that we would wait a few weeks, but then the very next day DH told 5 people!! Lol I guess good news is hard to keep! Biggrin

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Well I'm the same as your dh lol my parents know and all my siblings and a few friends....going to prob tell my Zumba class tonight since its obvious I'm not in best form and ive got quite the belly by 8 pm

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We've told our best friends and one couple in our family who knew we were trying and are pregnant too. We're going to start telling our families this weekend. We're waiting to announce anything on FB until closer to the end of the first trimester when we'll (hopefully) have a profile pic of the new baby from the NT scan to show off. Biggrin

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I've only told one close friend so far. I just had two losses in a row, so I won't be telling anyone until a bit later. Well, my mom is coming this weekend to visit for a week (she lives on the other side of the country), so I may tell her while she's here because she will know something is up. As for the rest of my family, probably not until closer to 20 weeks.

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When we get pregnant this time, we're not going to tell anyone until after our first trimester.

We had a m/c for our first pregnancy and it was harder because everyone knew about it and I just wanted to be left alone. Some of my friends thought they were saying helpful things, but they were really insensative and just made it worse.

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We have told everyone already. I'm not good at keeping that kind of a secret, especially when I am so out of sorts with symptoms already.

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I, too, am terrible about keeping a secret. My family will know pretty quickly when I turn down the wine at dinner.

It is actually easier for me if less people know, so less explaining if it doesn't work out. A facebook post about going out for a night of coffee drinking and alcohol drinking would be a pretty easy message to send, without having to say anything else. I know I sound like a fatalist, but we even have a bottle of Bordeaux to break open in case of emergency. Hopefully we will be giving that bottle to someone else as a house warming present.

My close friends know already.

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We told our family and close friends... it will be out for sure next week because our baseball season is starting so people will be asking why I don't play this year!!

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We've told everyone already, lol...I can't keep this sort of thing a secret! Smile