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Hi everybody my name is Tia...I'm new to this board but not new to PG.org I was a member of August 2009 board...DBF and I have a soon to be 3 yr old girl and the day after memorial day I found out we are very shockingly expecting another (TOTAL SURPRISE....TOTALLY)..Not sure of my due date because when I went for a dating ultrasound 2 weeks ago they only saw a sac although my HCG levels were over 6,000...if I go based off my LMP I'll be due Jan 31, 2013 but no idea when I O'd...anyway I go tomorrow for a follow up ultrasound..my doctor told me she expected me to miscarry within those past two weeks because of the empty ultrasound but I am pretty sure I'm still very preggo as I am SUPER SICK!!!!!:sickinbed: Nausea, nausea, nausea all day none stop nothing makes it better, boobs are sore and I'm now starting to show a bit which is weird....but we'll see tomorrow...have a great day ladies

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Hi there and welcome! I've heard of lots of mamas who saw nothing at their 6w u/s and poof! There was a baby when they went back for a second. Since you've got symptoms, hopefully you'll recieve good news tomorrow! KUP!!

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Welcome! I was the same went in for my 7 week and was only 6 week saw a tinny HB then went back at 8 weeks and everything looked great. If you are feeling sick I wouldn't worry about it.

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Welcome! I agree that the nausea sounds like a real good sign. Hope you see a beautiful flickering heartbeat at your appointment tomorrow. Will be watching closely for an update!!

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Welcome! I agree with the pp that those are promising symptoms. I hope everything goes fantastic at the u/s tomorrow. I've heard so many stories of women who couldn't see anything at 5/6 weeks and then had a perfectly healthy baby cooking away.