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Went for an ultrasound today and baby is head down, ready to go!! My placenta is outta of the way. So excited to go as plan with a natural birth like with my first.
5 weeks or less to go!! Woohoo!!!
Taking a day off work tomorrow to finish my baby's room and tiddy up the house to get ready for bb!!!
Oh and today is my Hunter's 4th birthday!! All is good!

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Happy birthday to hunter!!! Glad is baby is head down and ready to go!

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Happy Birthday Hunter! What wonderful news about baby being head down and your placenta not being an issue. Enjoy your last minute preparations tomorrow!

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Woo hoo!! Biggrin I am glad baby made the flip and that your placenta is cooperating (:

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Always a good thing to be at the end with all signs looking for a healthy birth.

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Yay! So glad all is well with baby! Happy birthday Hunter!