You'll never guess....

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You'll never guess....

So you'll never guess what happened last night.

Hubby. Agreed. To. A. Girls. Name. :O (we have a for sure middle and 3 firsts 1 first that he actually reallllllly likes)

YAY! Blum 3 We still dont have a boys list for firsts but we do have a short list for middles. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

Im so happy! The chances of this LO being dubbed Kno Nayme are getting smaller!

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Woohoo for getting hubby on board with a name!!! He needs to have a chat with my hubby, as we are still nameless!

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Maybe I am a ball buster or something, but she who pushes out the baby has naming rights. I am not really too worried about whether he will bond with them even if they were named Kno. This is actually something we agreed to early in our marriage, long before children. That said, he really did not like the girl name I liked- so I am glad we are having two boys. Your hubbies are lucky that you are including them on this. Glad you are in agreement on a name... sometimes I think it makes sense to look at them after they are born and name them. Nothing wrong with that either. For us baby A and baby B would suffice just fine until we were really ready.. Luckily after spending more than 3.5 years total trying to conceive and with two pregnancies we have had some time to think about this.

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Glad you decided on a name I am sure that makes you feel a little better/ready.

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He isnt HAPPY with the name but he will tolerate it Blum 3 He might just be SOL if this is a boy because I LOVE the short list of boy names and kinda dont feel like backing down on those lol The name he is okay with for a girl has 3 others in my top 4 for a girl. I dont like deciding 100% until baby comes. So I have 4 names for each gender and then middle names Biggrin

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