*sigh* I have no IRL girl friends....

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*sigh* I have no IRL girl friends....

As I'm doing up a list of names, addresses, emails, phone numbers for my sister to send out baby shower invites it occurred to me...I have no in real life girl friends to invite.

None, none at all.

All my friends are male and any girls in the mix are relatives or spouses of the males... The only girls that are on the invite list are sisters/SILs/mother/MIL, and one spouse and daughter who are technically close friends of DH.

All my girl friends are online/long distance/old friends whom have moved away, obviously a few friends from here. My best friend lives in England now which sucks too.

It just makes me a little sad...that's all.

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I had similar problems with shower invites (especially for my first) so we did a co-Ed party

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The plan is co-ed so that's fine. Just find it a little sad in a way. Luckily my best male friend is baby crazy so he's loving helping us plan (he's gay and 50 and sad that he never had the chance to have any of his own babies so he is living vicariously through us).

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Kinda similar here. Had a falling out with BFF a couple years ago. Closest girl friends are out of town and/or out of state.

If I had to come up with a shower list, it would be tough, and the list would be small!

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i am close to a few co-workers and i have some friends who have moved away that i keep up with, but i really don't have much for female friends in the area. i have several mom acquaintances thought Smile through my daughters preschool mostly. i'd be totally lost without them!