Abdominal aches and pains?

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Abdominal aches and pains?

I know mild cramping (no bleeding) is totally normal but how do you not freak out? It only seems to come at night for me so maybe while I'm relaxed my uterus is taking that chance to expand? I know, silly thought. Last night I had some more painful cramps but I also felt the need to poop and also had some gas so maybe that's why? Nothing like sitting on the toilet at 3am waiting to poop, all the time googling whether cramps are normal!

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It took me a long time to not worry about the cramps......a LONG time Wink I found that I used to get them when I needed to wee or poo as well.

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I had major cramps a little over a week ago. I was certain AF was finally coming since we weren't TTC and really had NO IDEA anything was up. I even put a pad on just in case and it didn't have a spot on it. They were serious cramps too, like, open the flood gates. It was after that happened and no AF that I started to get suspicious.

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** Lurker ** Totally normal! Make sure to drink enough water, that always did me in every time, and I spent too many nights at L&D getting checked out. So up the water intake and think happy-joy-joy thoughts. Smile

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You may be noticing them more in your down time because you aren't too busy and have less distractions.

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yeah, run around all day working hard, and when you have quiet time you feel the ache! i'm all over that, constantly achy in the tummy, and sometimes its because i've been working hard, and sometimes because i'm digesting food LOL

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I described it as "achey belly" last night. It's not cramps, but a general swollen, achey feeling in my low belly.