Already?! Piag

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Already?! Piag

Anyone else already getting the weird pregnancy induced dreams?

If mine weren't so creepy I don't think I'd mind but I can't believe they're already showing up?!

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None with me, but I haven't been sleeping well enough I think to have any weird dreams. I'm usually the queen of weird dreams though so I don't know if anything extra ordinary would faze me.

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yep. dreamt the other night that my bed was infested with cockroaches - my worst nightmare! then I was trapped in a building with survivors after a zombie breakout.

you're not alone.


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luckily i shake mine off first thing and can't even remember most of them... but i do wake up thinking that it was freaky **** going on in there!

i had one dream that i couldnt wake up. and one dream that i was spotting.....