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My first appointment is the 12th... I'm starting to get anxious.... My last pregnancy was a early miscarriage but I had no symptoms and no bleeding.... Came as a shock when we went to do the sono and there was no baby (sac but empty)... Still no bleeding until (after many sonos and tests) I took cytotec at what would have been week 12 (sac never grew, blood numbers rose minisculy)... Just worried it'll happen again... Only 3 friends know and they've never been there so they just do the normal reassuring thing... Same with hubby... I guess I'm just venting... Thanks for listening!

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I wish there were words of comfort I could offer...I can send a big ol virtual hug though:-)

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Hey Mamaterp, I am in the same boat - I had a missed miscarriage in February and my first appointment is on the 12th too. So I can empathize.

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It's hard being pregnant after a loss, because you've lost your innocence, and regardless of how well things are going, you know how badly they COULD go.

Fingers crossed that your first appointment is nothing but smooth sailing and good news! Do you have an u/s Wed?

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Fingers crossed that it all goes well. I feel your pain. I was like that last week leading up to my u/s.

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Thanks all! I don't know if I'll get an us (I'm gonna try my hardest since the last miscarriage was a complete shock (didn't know until the us cause my urine tests came back normal and all that good stuff))... I'm not seeing my regular doc but that's fine cause I've loved everyone else I've seen so far (all but the newest doc- which is who I'm seeing)...

I have been more symptomatic this time than last... So yay?