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Appt today

I think my Midwife must think my husband is insane. This literally happened when we were talking about a book she recommended we get and read:

she says:"and there's a second part to the book with in case of emergencies." he said:"is there a section If it's possessed?"

I just shook my head. He gets nervous and anxious at appointments and tends to go a little haywire and crazy under pressure.

Anyway, baby was good. My blood pressure was 120/80 which is high end of normal, but that's always what my blood pressure is (I get white coat syndrome and my blood pressure goes up as soon as the cuff goes on as it freaks me out). Babies HB approx 155-160. It kicked the doppler! Oh, and my uterus is higher than I thought, unless I popped overnight (I guess that could happen). It was only about an inch below my belly button so I guess my belly is a little bit baby now. Smile My weight went up by 1.6KG which she said was good. I wasn't sure if she was doing LBS or KG for weight, but she wanted KG. A little different. The appointment was at the end of the day though after I ate and drank a bunch so I probably weighed more. Next time, morning appointment!

Homebirth is in the works and a go so far. The Midwife recommended a former/retired midwife who now runs pre-natal classes that are more midwife/home birth focused so I'm going to call up and get us in on that. I was having trouble finding a class that really covered the things I wanted so I'm glad she mentioned it.

Because we don't want to find out the gender, she said we can get our anatomy scan at 18 weeks if we want, so I'm going to book that tomorrow. All my testing for downs/trisomies is done, just waiting on the results. Next appointment is the first week of September!

Oh, and back at work today I got two hugs from male friends congratulating me! It was so nice. They actually asked me questions about how things were going and due date, etc. I work with 95% men so it was nice to have someone interested and actually talk to me about it.

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Sounds like it really could not have gone better! Awesome!

I didn't know you were thinking about homebirth. Please keep us posted with your process on that. It intrigues me but I don't think I'd be able to get DH on board, so I'll have to live vicariously through you!

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Sounds like a great appt. Best wishes with home birth. I LOVE the epidural and am a second time vbac'er with a previous 32 weeker so I adore the hospital!!! Helps that I work where I will deliver and my coworkers will be taking care of me and baby:) Sounds like you are getting prepped and organized!