Baby #4 (fourth and final!)

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Baby #4 (fourth and final!)

Today 5/1.. was 11 DPO. I had a funny feeling and took a test.. well that ended up turning into 3-4 tests.. Wink and I keep getting faint lines!

First one was an internet cheapie early morning, Second one was a dollar store variety mid morning.

the lines are faint.. but I guess that can be expected for 11 dpo.

This will be baby #4 for us. This also comes as quite a shock. About a year ago we decided to not use protection and see what happened. Well, nothing happened.. for a year. Our loose deadline was our youngest turning 3. We just didn't want to space a 4th too much further out from his/her older sisters who are all so close in age. Well.. littlest one turns 3 in 12 days.. and after a year of trying.. here I am. Funny how these things happen!

From my calculations I will be due around 1/11/14. But I never ever go into labor .. my babies want to stay a decade so Im sure it will be a past due baby after 1/20. My last baby was born at 41 weeks (and had to be induced at that) and was 9 lbs 10 ounces!

Thats it for now!

PS- SSShhhhhhh - it's a secret!! ** if you are a lurker that knows me from other boards :violent2: NO FACEBOOK COMMENTS!! ;)**

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Congratulations., It's funny how these things work out sometimes

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Congratulations, Dara! I won't tell Wink