Baby is here!

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Baby is here!

After working 12 hours on Christmas Day, I delivered just after midnight 12/26. Water broke at work, clocked out at shift change and checked in to L&D at 7pm. Another successful vbac at 38.4 weeks. fast labor! Baby girl named Charley.

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CONGRATS, Katie!! Nothing like working up until the last minute! What time did your water break? Did you keep working after that? I'll update the EDD list- do you want any other stats on there (weight/length)?

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Full name Charley Brynn

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Congrats!! WTTW!!

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Congratulations! So glad everything went well.

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Wonderful news!! Congrats to you and your family Biggrin

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i'm glad i went with Mikey, charlee was on my list of names!