Baby Showers?

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Baby Showers?

Being due in January seems to be causing some scheduling issues with baby showers. I think most (if not all) of you are on your second or more children so I'm not sure if you would be planning anything.

Would 32 weeks be too early? I was just checking my schedule and November 23/24 may be my only options. I'm working the two weekends after that, then the next weekend is December 14 which is too close to Christmas for my liking. Then everything gets busy, people are away, etc etc.

I'm just trying to think ahead....

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I'm technically due in Jan but since Thanksgiving for us USA folks is in Nov and Christmas is Dec my SIL is going to do one for me in Oct. Early but thats about all we can come up with unless we wait until after baby is born. I'm on my 2nd but she's doing one for us anyhow bc I'd already given all my stuff from DS away and this one is a different gender, so some needs are different bc we had nothing gender neutral with DS.

So the short answer is no, I don't think 32 wks is too early. Wink

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No I think 32 weeks is fine! I delivered at 32 weeks with #1 so all of my showers were after. I think that would be a good time.

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Oh yeah, you guys have Thanksgiving in November. Our's is the second Monday of October.

November 23/24 is still closes to Christmas as most holiday parties start the first weekend in December, sometimes earlier. I figure if I start things early I should be able to get people out.

We are going to do dual gender party though, not a girl only one. I have very few girl friends, probably only 2-3 in real life. Most of my friends are men (a lot are gay too) so I don't want to not include them. One of my best friends is so excited for us and he can't wait to come to our shower (if I asked him he would probably even host it! LOL!) Really we aren't expecting people to buy us stuff, we just want to have people over before the baby for a celebration of sorts ahead of time.

I was reading online how some people request books instead of cards now with/for gifts. The giver writes a dedication to the baby on the cover of the book and it's a keepsake instead of cards that I won't have any use for. I was thinking of doing a library wish-list from our local bookstore (Chapters-Indigo) and putting the list in the invite since we can't do a registry there. Would this be good? I don't know how people will avoid duplicates that way though....

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sometimes really good books are ones you have never read and don't know about, just let people pick a book for the shower.

i dont know if i will have a shower. i got rid of all my baby stuff between apartments, i need everything again! i know the ladies at work will throw me a little something of a shower, i'm betting around thanksgiving. i know with bubba i didnt have a shower at all and it worked out pretty well, lots of people brought gifts for us anyway, mostly clothes. it worked out just fine in the end. maybe we'll have a after-baby shower instead. since we wont find out gender.

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I got rid of my stuff also, but won't have a shower as I only did with #1. The book thing is a great idea.

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I love the idea of books instead of cards. Only trouble is if you get duplicates, you can't return them since people will have written in them. Maybe not a problem, since some books are so well loved, multiple copies are good to have!

And no, I don't think 32 weeks is too early, especially when working around holidays.

No shower for me this time, as this is #3. (No shower for #2 either.) Had two showers for #1 (MIL threw one for her side of the family, and the other was just a few friends of mine). Those were at around 34-35 weeks, I think.

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I originally was going to have a shower in early November, but we seem to have most everything we need so far even though my daughter is a teenager. We've jay had so many people give us things that it seem redundant for us right now to ask for more stuff. I've opted to have a meet and greet in the spring while I am on maternity leave for close friends and family. It just seems like it will make more sense for us and be easier after all the holidays are done.

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We're doing a gender reveal party (our 3rd but my bestie really wants to throw us a party). So we're doing the gender thing and if anyone asks about gifts my bf will suggest books. Ours is oct 5 (20 week ultra sound is sept 11h.