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birth story!

haven't had a computer or computer time in weeks!

my last day of work was the third. we were all too afraid i'd go into labor and not be able to work the next week. well, i was only off 2 days that we were open before i DID go into labor! yippee skippy! DH and i DTD the day before i hit 39 weeks.... after my sister kindly financed use a new vehicle since ours both died that weekend. i even got the carseats installed before we went to the hospital!

When i got there the Dr had reviewed my chart (my FAVORITE Dr!) and rememberd that i was dilated to 4 2.5 weeks ago and started breaking out the delivery cart right away... at 10 pm. i was dilated to a 6, bulging bag of waters and i started walking laps and doing my thing laboring down as much as a could. did that for HOURS. even got in the tub for a while. well, by 2:30 am when the woman in the room next to me delivered and the Dr came back to check on me... labor was slowing down and i asked them to break my water. with my last one nothing happened for like half an hour after they broke my water, so i was kind of astonished when contractions started slamming back to back right away, i was up rocking on the ball... but by 3 am i said "either i'm pushing or getting back in the tub" and since i was still at a 6, i got back in the tub. at 3:30 i started freaking out, and i said i really don't remember this part of my last 2 labors... i think i need some drugs... i dont know how to handle this right now and the nurse who was AMAZING, brought me drugs... in the tub! she said she gave me half a dose of stadol and i could have more in half an hour if i needed it. well, i got reallyl zen for the next half hour, then around 4 i was mad at the tub and got out.

i remember looking at the clock and seeing 4:12 and getting more frustrated because i thought i'd have a baby by then, and the nurse checked me again and told me i only had a lip of cervix on one side so roll this way and pant through a couple contractions and see if it will finish dilating. well, i panted through 2, then on the 3rd one i told DH i wanted him to come closer so i could punch him... he kinda shyed away and laughed.... well... i meant it, i just wanted to punch things and i never really hurt him anyway so why is he scared... anyway... i ended up grabbing the sleeve of his shirt when the urge to push just hit me really hard and i did..... i ripped his shirt... and pushed the baby almost all the way out in one push.

the nurse came to catch, DH had to push the call button for more nurses to come, they hollered for the Dr who almost missed the whole thing. when the DR got there she asked me to move my leg... i told her i didnt want to, but i guess baby's shoulders needed a little more space and they moved my leg for me... and BAM 4:20 am i have a baby! Neither the Dr or DH looked to see what it was, but i did! Baby girl! she felt so light and skinny!

8lb 9.5oz, and they gave her right back to me to cuddle, 21 inches long, apgars of 9 and 9! Michaela Cathryn-Marie Smile OB told me i didnt tear but i have a TINY forward tear, a spot that wasnt exactly a skidmark but more like DH's shirt where i ripped it... not ripped all the way but little parts overstretched and torn, and i think i had some scar tissue split apart but it didnt bleed and it didnt tear past the first layer so ... oh well.

recovery has been great! i'm doing way too much, way too soon but hey, i got stuff to do!

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Yay!! What a cutie!!

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Aw, congrats on your baby GIRL, Jenni!

I attempted to update the EDD list but have been having some issues- double check your stats, will you?