Cake!! (Completely ot)

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Cake!! (Completely ot)

So my best friend asked me two years ago to make her god daughter's quincera cake. I agreed (silly me). Anyway... It's due tomorrow and I've finally finished it (will build it there for travel safety). So I thought I'd share pictures! It's 5 layers...

 photo image.jpg" alt="" />

Top layer and same design on 4th layer

 photo image-2.jpg" alt="" />

2nd and 5th layers

 photo image-1.jpg" alt="" />

Middle layer...

Hope she likes them... I'm no professional but I tried my best!

Finished with toppers they supplied...

 photo image-4.jpg

Closer detail...

 photo image-5.jpg

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Think she'll like it?

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so cute! my mom decorates cakes... but she doesnt have that style down for sure! she did lots of business in the 90's lol.....

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Looks excellent. I used to decorate cakes but got out of practice. I'm sure she will like it!