Can't get the bad taste to go away!

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Can't get the bad taste to go away!

Ug... I have tried everything and for the last 4-5 days or so, this bad taste in my mouth won't go away. Brushing my teeth helps the longest, but as soon as I eat, it comes back. And I have to eat a little bit constantly to deal with this excess saliva in my mouth.

Chewing gum worked for a bit but then I read the ingredients and had no idea that aspartame was in my gum!! I checked and ALL the sugar free gums have it! This is new because the last time I looked at a gum ingredient list, most had xyletol or sucralose but not aspertame!! I couldn't find ANY gum (or mints) that didn't have aspertame at all. I went to tic tacs but they last only as long as I'm sucking on one.

It's like the inside of my mouth has this nasty, "slept with my mouth open", pasty sour taste....

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Actually all gum in Canada has had aspartame (whether listed or not). I am allergic and have not been able to have gum in at least 10 years.

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Try the Sea Band anti-nausea gum. it's ginger

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have you tried a tongue scraper? they are with the tooth brushes. sometimes there is "gunk" at the back of your tongue that makes bad breath and funky tastes.

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I tried the tongue scraper/cleaner and it still didn't work. The only thing that seems to work is brushing my teeth all the time, gum, or eating. Oh well, at least the nausea is under control now.

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I have a never ending bad taste too! Doesn't matter what I do. I am very gaggy when brushing teeth so have to be careful or I will puke. I just deal unfortunately.