clothing dilema

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clothing dilema

Up until last November, our office was casual wear. We could wear jeans, hoodies, etc and it was fine. Unfortunately, in November they went to business casual so no more jeans or other comfy clothing. Now it's blouses and nice sweaters and dress pants.

I bought clothes to cover me the winter, but now that it's getting warm I've realized I have nothing work appropriate to wear for the summer weather that is to come. Today it's insanely warm out and the closest thing to summer wear I could find was a 3/4 length boat neck shirt to go with my dress pants.

The thing is, soon I will also start to need to consider maternity clothes, so I don't want to go buy a bunch of work clothes that I won't wear for very long.

I'm not sure what to do. I guess I could buy a few simple pieces. Plain good quality t-shirts are allowed, and I could get a nice cardigan to wear over them, but my pants are all very form fitting dress pants that I'm already "at capacity" in.

Suggestions? I have one skirt. I guess I could get more of those?

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find some dressy gaucho style pants with really stretchy middles. or some stretch twill dress pants, maybe half a size too big. you just need breathing room for the next 2-3 months. and you will need clothes next year, so plan for these to double as post-maternity! then decide later what you really need to get through when those kinds of things don't fit. find some really long tank tops and pair with a light weight cardigan Smile update what you really need in a few months when those don't fit.

i made it through my entire first pregnancy with 2 pairs maternity jeans, 1 pr maternity lounge pants, a total of 3 maternnity shirts, then like 5 tank tops that were long and stretchy, and two shirts for work- i worked at a store that sold Life Is Good shirts, so i got them in my hubby's size (2x) and tied them up in the back to look cute. everything else i wore was pre-pregnancy size! or stolen from DH......

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and buy maternity clothes on ebay. and get a bella band thingy.

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When I worked.. I had 2-3 pair of maternity dressy pants and just mixed and matched tops. It wasn't too bad. And I agree about ebay. So expensive to walk into a maternity store and buy off the rack!

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you'd be amazed how long some regular shirts will last you, and amazed how fast some fitted "maternity" stuff becomes too small!

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I made it through pregnancy with just a few skirts and a few shirts, and by the end I think I was down to 2 that actually covered my belly. Smile I second the second-hand reccomendations!

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I'm wearing maxi dresses as much as possible right now. It's HOT in Florida and the thought of wearing anything restricting makes me want to gag. Flowly, soft, and plenty of room to grow are my motto right now.