Coping mechanisms?

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Coping mechanisms?

As you are aware, I'm stuck with our house guests for another few weeks at least assuming they get their new place for Dec 1. I've accepted that I'm in a deep depression at this time, but there is nothing that can really be done until they leave. I don't want to be at home ever, I cry all the time, and it's a huge stress just being there.

I need some ideas for coping mechanisms to help me get through the next few weeks. Right now the only "safe" place I want to be is in my bedroom. I have a small TV connected to an Apple TV, and my laptop. We are trying to get cable TV to work but the first box we got was a dud and we just replaced it last night so hopefully I will have TV soon too.

I'm running out of Netflix to watch, and also our bandwidth limits are low so I can't watch it all the time. There's only so many games and other things I can do on my laptop as well. I can't play Minecraft for hours each night!

Going out is fine but all there really is to do is walk around the mall which can get boring day after day. Plus, we are broke and don't want to spend any money we have so just browsing is a little depressing when you can't buy anything. It's a little too cold out to be going out for walks outdoors now too (I don't like the cold).

My hands are numb with pins/needles most of the time now so any crafting is out (which sucks because I didn't do 1/2 of what I wanted before baby gets here). My hands go numb doing anything lately, even eating/brushing teeth/showering/drying my hair. It sucks.

I feel like I'm on bed rest without actually being on bed rest. I only leave my room to shower, get food from the kitchen, or go to work. The rest of the time I hide. As much as I love my bed, I'm going a little stir crazy!

And next week I'm on my "work from home shift" which means I have all day to kill time until I start work at 4PM! I'm dreading it!

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What about nursery planning... Either Pinterest or with graph paper? Maybe coming up with fun baby stuff for after baby comes.

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slightly different situation but after Robbie I had severe PPD. I used to take him to the library, sit in the big chairs and flip through magazines. I don't think I ever read anything but it got me out of the house. It was also a 4 block walk from our place so I was getting a little exercise in as well.

I was hoping to hear that they got the apartment. Fingers crossed for you.

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you have GOT to get out of the house, and get a little more active if you can. all that being cooped up is only making it worse for you when you go to work and have to make that long commute! i know you are sore and feeling really blah, but resting will only make it worse, you have to get active to feel better!