Debilitating exhaustion

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Debilitating exhaustion

It seems any morning sicknes symptoms I had have lessened. I do have more saliva/drooliness in my mouth which sucks, so I have to eat a lot or that makes me feel a little sick. But other than that, i'm getting by. Massive acne, sore boobs and nips still (less sore than initially, but still there, more towards the end of the night). Bloating and gas is still there. And the indent in my lower belly between my belly fat and my pubic area is lessening as well. Most of my bloating is in my upper abdomen above my belly button which I think is odd.

But a new one three days ago. I can't stay awake. And it's not a bit of sleepyness, it's full on "I'm going to passout no matter what I do" exhaustion. I don't know what to do. Two days ago it was in the afternoon about an hour before I left work (about 2PM) and I made it through by drinking a bunch of water. Yesterday it started around 10AM, and lasted until I finally took a walk outside to get a slice of pizza for late lunch around 1:30PM. I was still tired when I came back, but I lasted until my shift ended at 3PM.

Today, I feel asleep on the train and I felt so woozy and dizzy and exhausted walking to work at 6:30AM. My body wouldn't wake up and still hasn't woken up. I feel so exhausted that the screen is blurry and I can't see straight.

I'm wondering if I will have to say something to my manager today...if this continues I won't be able to function at work.

*just to add, I work for a very large bank in IT doing a very important support role. I need to alert and awake at all times to fix high impact issues. I rotate my shift each week to something different, sometimes starting at 7AM, sometimes starting at 4PM. Our job is 24/7 and we rotate an on-call shift every 8 weeks. I know legally they have to accommodate me, but I would feel bad doing that. But I may have to as the rotating of getting up at 4AM one week, and 11AM the next is not good for me*

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Maybe talk to your doc first... Might be a simple fix?

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Could be something like your thyroid is low functioning.

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Sorry to hear - I felt exactly that way for the first 5-6 months of my pregnancy... Got everything checked and it was fine. Was just the way my body handles it. It was brutal. Hope you get some relief.