DH and dog vent

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DH and dog vent

DH has trained my dog to kick him out of the bedroom!

We have an elderly English Bulldog, Odin. He has always been very stubborn and a barker for attention. I KNOW from experience (he's a rescue dog I got before I met DH and I went through heavy training with the dog) that the BEST thing to do when Odin is barking for attention is to ignore him completely. Don't acknowledge him, don't look at him and most of all, don't tell him to shut up or stop barking. I know it sounds odd but it works.

Odin knows with me he can't get away with it so he will bark twice, do a 1/2 bark then stop. But that's only if I'm alone with him. If DH is in the room, he will bark non stop for hours. Because DH can't take it he gives in and tells him to be quiet or he does anything desperately to get him to stop barking (offer treats, play with him, pet him, etc). Which is just what the dog wants so dog wins, DH loses. It's horrible and I've told DH a 1000 times NOT to do it.

Well, Odin has learned that at night if he barks non-stop, DH will get up and leave the bedroom and sleep on the couch. Grr.... this has been getting worse and worse over the last two years and DH doesn't get that it's his fault and he needs to fix it. He wants me to train the dog so he doesn't do this and I've told him over and over that the only way it will stop is if he ignores the dog. Yes, he may bark all night long for several weeks but the only way he will learn in this is if he doesn't get his way and DH doesn't leave the room!!

It's causing us huge stress and last night DH accidentally put a hole in the wall beside the light switch as he was so angry when he went to turn on the light to find his things and leave the room.

Why do I have to be stuck with a stubborn impatient husband and a stubborn elderly dog???

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Ha this sounds like our situation exactly. I have a 9 year old beagle that I got before DH and I were together and she is also a rescue and a barker. She got much worse when we moved in January. And she totally acts out for attention and my DH totally gives it to her. Ignoring them is the best route but DH is constantly on her case about everything which in turn drives her to do something bad like chew up one of my bras or panties or roll around on the bed.

Just wait til you have a baby. I love my dog so much, but having a baby complicates things. We even put the dog on prozac. The barking and acting out is becoming so unmanageable that I have considered giving her to my dad. Her barking wakes my son during naps and then when the baby cries my dog chews something up or pisses on something.

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Oh.. I'm sorry. I'm kinda chuckling at how Odin has manipulated him. Wink

I'm siding on the dog, but only because he won't be around forever. Maddie is 12 and she's starting to REALLY decline. The snoring is soo ridiculous that DH started kicking her out of the bedroom a few months ago.. but she got sick last week and now, all of a sudden, he's tolerating her irritating noises a lot better.

Gotta love the furbabies. Biggrin

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i am so stinking lucky i have a young dog. one that i trained to get off my bed. i'm the alpha, the dog doesn't question this, and often will look at me to make sure i said its ok if DH tells him to do something. the first night at our house i kicked the dog off my bed like 8 times. the second night he was much better because he had just gotten fixed. within a week he didnt even try to get on the bed. a week after that, he started sleeping with Ellie. but he's young so i would just chain him up outside if he ticked me off. old ones are in your heart!